Theatrical Costume Design
With over thirty years of theatre experience, my ability to connect with the visceral emotion of a production is innate. Through concept to sketch to construction, I work with directors and choreographers to craft the designs that express their vision. Sleek or avant-garde; the costumes are fashioned to support the character and the narrative.

Wardrobe Consultant/Personal Shopping
Fashion is subjective. It’s your style that makes the statement unique. It’s an image consultation that empowers you to effortlessly combine flattering outfits with accessories. We all want to feel self-assured, remain contemporary; but beyond colors and textures exists proportion and balance. These are the elements that accentuate the positive. My job is to build your look…beginning with your closet.

Seminars/Master Classes
My targeted seminars educate participants on the basics of fit and body type and how to create current looks that work for any objective. Whether your organization requires its sales force to project a particular image, or you are hosting a smaller group interested in the art of style, your audience will learn the fundamentals of proportion, form, fashion and function and how to apply them using my "Points of Interest" technique.

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