Laura Peterson Choreography - FOREVER at The Kennedy Center
Costumes designed by Mary Jo Mecca

Under an Unblinking Gaze, a Farewell to Privacy
Costumes designed by Mary Jo Mecca

Jodi Sperling: ARCTIC
Jodi Sperling: Thin Ice
Costumes designed by Mary Jo Mecca

"Designed by Mary Jo Mecca, the costumes serve the dance and the dancers well, reinforcing the theme of what must be revealed versus what may remain private."

- Karen Greenspan, Ballet Review (read the full article)

"Mary Jo Mecca's understated, individualized costumes also have an impact on the arrestingly enigmatic dance."

- Deborah Jowitt, (read the full article)

"Everything about Zvi Gotheiner's Sky and Water worked. Mary Jo Mecca's costumes of all black with the left arm white added to the abstraction of the work as did Mark London's lighting design and Scott Killian’s excellent score."

- Darrell Wood, NYC Dance Stuff (read the full article)

"Mary Jo Mecca, costume designer for the Spring Dance Festival, fit Gebb with a costume for "Set and Reset/Reset," which will feature sets and costumes based on the original designs by Robert Rauschenberg."

- Steven Runk, (read the full article)

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